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E-motion Celebrates 15 years

SINCE 1994



About Us

Established in 1994, E-motion was the first company in China dedicated to build exceptionally engineered motion control technology application and system integration. Our mission is to be the most cost-effective designer and supplier of innovation, high-quality stepper motors and servo motors, and to distribute our products to markets worldwide in the most efficient manner possible. With more than 15 years experience in motion controls, we have an extensive international distribution network that enables our customer to enjoy the crucial advantage thanks to our superior product and service at very competitive price.

Our headquarter is located in downtown Beijing. The North America branch opened in year 2007, and serviced as a bridge between China and North America in motion control field by providing the best products and service to customers. Within 2 years, we have become the distributor for companies such as Delta Tau, Bayside, API, Parker, Glentek in China.

Nowadays, we are ready to bring our best CNC control system,rotary motor,servo motor,stepper motor,driver,gearbox, precision linear stage, and accessories to American customers. We are working at helping our customers to achieve the best balance between high quality and competitive price. Our R&D team is always standing behind customers to help solving all kinds of challenging problems.

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