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Company Profile

E-motion America Office

E-Motion America, one member of ECET,was established by Beijing E-Motion , a global expert in providing high-quality precision control solutions and has been always focusing on the research of motion control technology application, system development and system integration.

Headquartered in Beijing, E-Motion Control Equipment Technology Corporation Ltd. was established in 1994, with branches in Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen in China. ECET is the first company in China engaged in motion control technology application and system integration, with all motion control production line distributed and manufactured.

ECET Group Headquater Building
With the attitude of ¡°sincere, honest, and strenuousness makes good achievement¡±, and the business strategy of being customer oriented, we promoted ¡°ideas for motion¡± to initiate ¡°providing the most appropriate and most suitable solutions to the customers¡±, and set ¡°the ability of accurately mastering the customers¡¯ actual needs¡± as the central task of ECET¡¯s business. During the first decade of ECET¡¯s development, through consistent and dedicated efforts, we have provided thousands of motion control solutions and accomplished many systems¡¯ development and integration for our customers, and long term business relationships were well developed.

Customer New Technology Seminar
ECET is also one of the largest international distributors and business partners of Parker, the leader for innovating motion control technology in the world. With the high technical requirement for the precision and the profession of products in this area, ECET also has the long term business relationship with the UK¡¯s Renishaw,America's Glentek,Janpan's Yaskawa and Taiwan¡¯s Apex, another leaders in innovating of motion control technology.

Training Beijing E-motion's Engineers
As the branch in the USA, E-Motion America, Inc. is given special significance during ECET¡¯s second 10-year development phase. Located in Los Angeles -- the second largest city in the United States in terms of population and also a center of international trade and banking, manufacturing, and tourism, E-Motion American, Inc. is to provide trading convenience and gain high business contact for international business growth. Currently, we chose our Cyclone CNC control system,Cyclone servo motor and driver,Cyclone stepping motor and driver,LUGE Gearbox,LUGE precision linear stage,other accessories to supply America's market.We believe our high technology,high quality and low cost product could give your success way in high competed today!Also,E-motion America is the trade bridge between China and America,and it is the R&D center of ECET Group.We keep friendship with more America's motion company,and export to China more motion products.

Training E-motion America's Employees
Let the market technologically upgrading is our responsibility. ECET is continuously promoting technology innovation and technology publicity by means of the website, media, exhibition, academic exchange, technical training and universal education; through technical support, systems integration to universalize technology in community; and by improving maintenance and warranty service and providing business convenience to maximize customers¡¯ satisfaction.  

With great determination and sincerity, we are going to fully meet our customers¡¯ interests, the suppliers¡¯ interests, social interests and business interests, and constantly strive to improve our enterprise¡¯ internal and external operating environment for the mutual development and progress of all countries in the world ¨C to fulfill ECET¡¯s social responsibility that we should take as an enterprise and also to show our sincere appreciation to our supplier and customers, and also whoever has been supporting ECET.

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